Experienced Teachers In All Styles

All Instruments, Ages and Skill Levels


All Instruments, Ages and Skill Levels

How It Works

Getting started at U Music is easy. Just give us a call at (914) 736-7777. We will take a bio on the prospective student. We note

age, musical likes and dislikes and personality traits. We also offer consultation for purchasing equipment and instruments.

Lesson Fee:

$40 – one half hour lesson on any instrument or voice.

Four Lessons purchased in advance at the beginning of the month qualifies for a discount of $20 contingent on completion of scheduled lessons within that month.

Please give 48 hours notice for cancellation and schedule a make up lesson within 10 days. A “no show” lesson must be considered forfeited in deference to our teachers’ valuable time.

  • 1 Lesson – $40
  • 2 Lessons – $80
  • 3 Lessons – $120
  • 4 Lessons – $140 (with discount)
  • 5 Lessons – $175 (with discount)

For a five lesson month, all lessons are $40 with the exception of the last completed lesson which is $15.

Please note that the Discount Policy is to promote consistency of attendance.

  • Four lesson month is $140 prepaid.
  • Five lesson month is $175 prepaid.
  • All single lessons are $40 each.

Family discount contingent upon consistent lesson attendance.